Ballyhoura Development Ltd.

Established in 1989, Ballyhoura Development Ltd. is a local development company that works with communities to develop local solutions to local issues, with a focus on promoting local economic development and addressing inequality and social exclusion. Operating across the Ballyhoura area of East Limerick and North Cork, BD is a non-profit private limited company and is governed by a multi-sectoral partnership structure. The Board of Directors comprises representatives of the community & voluntary sector, social partners and public and elected representatives. The Ballyhoura area is a dispersed rural area, with a total population of 78,191 spread across 54 communities. Historically, the area has been much depending on agriculture, resulting in the sectors of industrial, commercial and professional services being much underdeveloped.

"RurInno provides a strong collaborative platform for Ballyhoura Development to increase our levels of understanding and expertise to enable us to continue to nurture and support citizens and communities capacity to respond innovatively to local social, economic and environmental challenges. The project also enables the strategic and operational challenges confronting rural social innovators to be shared with our research partners and for new ways to support growth and development to emerge."
Pádraig Casey, CEO Ballyhoura Development Ltd., Ireland

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