Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space

IRS research is focused on the spatial aspects and contexts of social action. In doing so, spatial phenomena are explored in terms of both processual and historical dimensions. As to processes, the social construction of spaces is of particular interest. Three conceptual pairs serve as a linkage between action-oriented and social constructivist approaches: Knowledge and Innovation; crisis and resilience and institutions and governance.

"The IRS considers RurInno as a unique opportunity to do excellent research on the potentials of social enterprises for rural development across Europe. RurInno strives to enhance knowledge about social enterprise driven innovation processes and at the same time to utilise the insights to improve the ability of social enterprises to tackle social challenges in rural regions. We will implement the project in a highly collaborative way. Instead of doing research on social entrepreneurs we will do research and training with social entrepreneurs."
Gabriela Christmann, Professor and deputy director of the Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Germany

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