Nidzica Development Foundation NIDA

Nidzica Development Foundation NIDA started operating in 1994. NIDA Foundation is a non-governmental organisation not affiliated to any political party, operating on the basis of non for profit principle. Direct action areas are the Nidzica, Warmia and Mazury regions in the predominantly rural north east of Poland. The main fields of activity are supporting initiatives of social economy (Social Economy Support Center), the promotion and support for English language teaching in rural schools in Poland (Polish-American Freedom Foundation programme), consulting, training, providing micro-loans and warranties for small companies and for the self-employed (Entrepreneurship Development Programme), development of the rural area on the basis of a chosen specialty resulting from the village (Theme Villages concept) and activating production and services based on ancient craft’s trade, traditional technologies and regional customs (Pottery Village). NIDA has received Quality Management System Certificate nr 284/SZJ/2006 in the range of informational services and financial services – providing warran-ties. In 2008 NIDA was awarded the second prize in the European Enterprise Awards in the category “enterprise promoting and supporting social inclusion“ for the project „Pottery Village“.

"The Nidzica Development Foundation „NIDA” supports the foundation and development of small and medium businesses. To the unemployed and to small businesses, we offer loans, guarantees, participation in technical trainings, participation in promotional events and implementation of projects, all within the framework of social commitment of business. Furthermore, we built up own social enterprises like the “Pottery Village” and the “Paradise Garden” in order activate the unemployed from villages both professionally and socially. Participation in the RurInno project enables us to share our experiences in rural social entrepreneurship and likewise to learn from the other partners. We are curious about getting to know ideas and projects that deal with opportunities and challenges of rural regions."
Krisztof Margol, President of the Nidzicka Fundacja Rozwoju NIDA, Poland

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