Stevia Hellas

Stevia Hellas Coop was established in the city of Lamia in 2012 in the predominantly rural prefecture of Phthiotis. Its members are growers coming from Central Greece. Currently, the cooperative includes 135 members. Stevia Hellas is growing stevia plants and produces stevia sugar for the consumers with the collaboration of external partners. For that purpose the cooperative is also collaborating with institutions and organisations for the improvement of the product. The head office of the Cooperative is located in the city of Lamia.

"There is a big opportunity for our cooperative to be part of a research project carried out from two of the best research institutions, IRS and IFI. Additionally, we take the chance to collaborate and come closer with other social enterprises across Europe. At the end of the day the dynamic economic and societal development requires that people in rural regions need to be on alert as well, for either making or spotting opportunities and create innovation for the development of their society as a whole, since they are growing in this. The main expectation for this project is the knowledge transfer that could take place among the participants. Explore best and worst practices, enhance our network through the institutes and learn the way to a successful rural development through social entrepreneurship."
Christos Stamatis, Stevia Hellas Coop, Greece

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